Daniel Rozdial, MFT, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Simi Valley Counseling
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Simi Valley, CA  9306
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  • Is the roller-coaster of your emotions getting the better of you?
  • Are you having difficulty doing well during life's inevitable

I may be able to help!
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You may have a vision of who and what you see your"self"to be, or in
relationship, but do not know how to get there.  Anger and resentment
may get in the way,  or you may even self-sabotage your desired goals.  

Simi Valley Counseling can help!
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  • Are you feeling "out of control" or going through a time of  crisis?
  • Are you or a family member showing signs of ADHD,
    depression,  an eating disorder, or other self-injurious behaviors
    that has made your life unmanageable?
  • Is divorce impacting your family?

There's help to restoring a sense of balance, and connection!
Family Therapy, Individual and Marriage Counseling in Simi Valley!
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